Present perfectPresent perfect


A filmic Opera by Jorge León

in development - tentative release date : 2016-2017

A document found on the internet : an email exchange between a man and a woman. Both are psychoanalysts. She- Mitra Kadivar - writes to him from Teheran. He-Jacques-Alain Miller(JAM)- answers her from France.
She’s going to be taken to psychiatric hospital against her will and asks for his help.
The film proposes a lyric interpretation of the striking electronic correspondence.

Through the email exchanges we learn that Mitra had planned to transform her private home into a centre to cure drug addicts and that her neighbours were totally against this initiative. They lodge a complaint arguing she is mad : they claim she pretends she’s molested by the noises of a child running constantly in the apartment above hers. According to the neighbours this child doesn’t exist, she hears voices, she’s mad.
Day after day, from Paris, JAM manoeuvres in order to come to terms with what seems to be turning into a tragedy.
He launches an online petition : « SOS Mitra ». Within a few hours thousands of people from all over the world sign it. Mitra Kadivar is freed.
The email exchanges between Iran and France become an opera libretto. The singers grasp the story through the voices of the different protagonists. Mitra becomes the tragic and contemporary heroine of a cinematographic opera. Between here and there, between fantasy, acting out and enactment.