Present perfectPresent perfect

  • Incandescences


    A film by Jorge Léon

    in development - project selected for FIDLAB 2019

    By focusing on the fantasy of immortality, Incandescences questions our desires, fears and burning aspiration to move beyond the finite nature of our existence in this world – the end of which is constantly being announced.

    Lucy, our three-million-year-old ancestor, whose voice and body will be invented for the purpose of the film, joins us in the present and shares her perceptions, reflections, perspectives, and projections thus acting as the lucid and critical guide of a cinematographic meditation, which celebrates life despite the social, ecological, and political choices that threaten it.



    A performative Enquiry by Simone Aughterlony and Jorge León

    As a group that is granted and exercises discretionary power over society at large, the police corps is simultaneously part of the fabric of society and on the periphery of it, an imposed net that suffocates dissent or expressions of otherness from the normative social frame. In Uni * Form, the disguised performers intra-act in a distinct environment that disturbs the established boundaries and unpredictable abuse of distance and touch associated with police control. At the heart of this performance is a play between the domination of desire, the ubiquity of power and a deep interest in human (and non-human) interactions, as performers forge ways of negotiating a sense of togetherness and the inevitability of being intimately bound.

  • Mitra (Film)

    Mitra (Film)

    A filmic Opera by Jorge León

    A document found on the internet : an email exchange between a man and a woman. Both are psychoanalysts. She - Mitra Kadivar - writes to him from Teheran. He - Jacques-Alain Miller (JAM) - answers her from France.
She’s going to be taken to a psychiatric hospital against her will and asks for his help.
The film proposes a lyric interpretation of the striking electronic correspondence.

  • Mitra (Performance)

    Mitra (Performance)

    A filmic Opera by Jorge León

    Mitra is a hybrid project situated somewhere between opera, documentary cinema and installation.
    In 60 minutes and on two screens, it presents the struggle of real individuals living in Iran and France, who are caught up in the psychiatric machinery. A woman and a few friends, fight together and from afar, through the unique power of words exchanged via email, to escape obliteration. Their truth, however, only finds its true expression when it’s turned into fiction and put to music.

  • Before We Go

    Before We Go

    A Film by Jorge León

    Brussels, La Monnaie Opera House. Three people near the end of their lives meet with choreographers, actors and musicians. They take part in a unique experience which involves music, dance and silence. Their journey becomes a tribute to the fragility of the human condition, between reality and representation, tragedy of the body and freedom of the spirit. Together they question their own relationship with death.